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Divine Plant Care Deals

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Science, Nature, and a Little Green Alchemy.

Unearth the strength of our hybrid plant foods, blending mineral-rich nutrients with potent biological compounds for superior growth and enhanced immunity in your plants.

neem oil plant spray

Your Leaf Fantasy Come True

BIG Leafy Energy®

Essential oils meet the power of neem oil for an organic liquid designed to rejuvenate, enhance, and fortify your entire garden and houseplant collection.

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leaf dusting gloves for plants

Green Thumb Deluxe

Leaf Lovers 2.0™

Comfortably navigate every delicate nook and cranny of your leafy babies with our premium microfiber gloves.

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how to care for houseplants

Why Choose Us?

Bless Your Soil® formulas are unique and surpass conventional fertilizers and foliar sprays. They contain a rich blend of potent bio-nutrients that are seldom found in other plant foods and leaf sprays, nourishing the entire plant from its leaves to microbiome.

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We set the bar for quality & performance

fiddle leaf fig plant food

A higher standard of ingredient sourcing

Only the right nutrients will nourish your plants. We spend the extra dollars to bring organically-bonded minerals and organic compounds, such as ethically sourced seaweed extract and yucca extract.

These nutrients feed plant microbiomes, improve water efficiency, and are easily used through through roots and leaves.

Crafted with precision

Only the right ratio of nutrients will please your plants. Think of us like expert chefs for plants—we mix our ingredients perfectly to give your houseplants and gardens exactly what they need. We’re all about getting the balance just right, so your plants get the perfect amount of nutrients to grow strong and beautiful.

Good in a pinch. Excellent for the long run.

We craft our products with the long-term vitality and health of your plants in mind. Unlike quick-fix solutions that might lead to nutrient buildup or imbalances in your soil, our plant care essentials are formulated to ensure they provide balanced, sustained nourishment.

This means they work harmoniously with your soil's natural ecosystem, promoting robust growth without the risk of harmful accumulation. Our goal is to support a thriving, healthy environment for your plants today, tomorrow, and far into the future, ensuring that your green companions enjoy a lifetime of wellness

Elevated gold standard manufacturing

We take the highest standards and elevate them. Our fertilizers are crafted with pride and precision in the United States, holding certifications from the strictest regulatory bodies including California and Washington.

This distinction is important to us because it signifies our commitment to going the extra mile (or million miles) to deliver plant foods and plant care that exceed environmental and labeling standards. Rest assured, when our label promises a benefit, our plant foods deliver, ensuring you're providing the best care possible to your green companions.