Unique formulas. Unique results.

Our mineral rich nutrients alongside potent biological compounds promises better quality growth and a robust immunity for your plants.

Your Leaf Fantasy Come True

Leaf + Root Health | Organically Powered

A multi-action liquid designed to rejuvenate, enhance, and fortify your entire garden and houseplant collection.

Consciously selected organic oils work hard and smell like relaxing.

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Green Thumb Deluxe

Leaf Lovers 2.0 Premium Microfiber Gloves

Comfortably navigate every delicate nook and cranny of your leafy babies with our premium microfiber gloves.

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  • Add to your flow.

    Our fertilizer superfoods are gentle enough to add to your regular watering schedule. It's a no brainer!

  • Grow like a pro.

    Our magic dust goes to work immediately to satisfy hungry plants... just watch them flourish!

Why Choose Us

Bless Your Soil® formulas are entirely unique and surpass conventional fertilizers and foliar sprays. They contain a rich blend of potent bio-nutrients that are seldom found in other products, nourishing the entire plant from its leaves to microbiome.

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Consciously Formulated in California, USA

Healthy plants rely on good dirt, and good dirt relies on appropriate nutrients. Our products are formulated with the environment in mind—indoor and outdoors—and for long-term use. The results are more resilient and fertile soils, reliable root systems, and hardy foliage and blooms that naturally resist common plant and soil ailments.