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Bless Your Soil

Big Green Leaves™

Big Green Leaves™

Universal Houseplant Fertilizer

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A comprehensive, nutrient-rich hybrid fertilizer for all indoor houseplants. Big Green Leaves™ combines natural, organically-bonded minerals with bioactive compounds to nourish the soil microbiome, boost foliar growth, and foster healthy root systems in container plants.

Big Green Leaves™ is specially formulated for regular use. Ditching the water-heavy, low-quality minerals found in liquid fertilizers, it offers a concentrated mix of high-quality organic nutrients, ensuring great value.

Designed to prevent toxic soil buildup, making it safe for long-term use.

Enhanced with botanical kelp to amplify nutrient absorption, bolster plant resilience, and stimulate vigorous growth for healthier, more robust indoor plants.

One pouch can last up to two years!

    Resealable bag for clean storage.

    Key Benefits

    • Encourages vigorous growth
    • Enhances leaf color and vibrance
    • Strengthens root systems
    • Bolsters immunity
    • Fortifies microbiome


    • Organically-bonded minerals + biological compounds
    • Urea Free
    • 100% water soluble
    • Full spectrum nutrient panel
    • Resealable pouch for dry safe ingredients
    • Concentrated blend
    • Premeasured scoop included

    How to use

    Add two scoops (2 tsp) per gallon of water. Use on 7-14 day intervals during the growth season. Follow label instructions.

    Quality Specifications

    • Made in the USA
    • CDFA quality certified in California
    • Urea Fre
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Contains organic botanical sea kelp

    Key Ingredients

    Ammonium Phostphate, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Ascophylum nodosum, Boric Acid, Copper EDTA, Iron EDTA, Manganese EDTA, Sodium Molybdenum, and Zinc EDTA.

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    • More growth

    • More Glossy

    • More Vibrant

    • More Resilient

    The Ultimate fertilizer

    For all leafy houseplants

    Perfect for all tropical houseplants, subtropical houseplants, and Savannah houseplants. Use Big Green Leaves™ on popular varieties like Monstera, Snake Pants, Pothos, Hoya, Peace Lilies, Palms, and more. It's a perfectly balanced ratio for lush foliage and reliable root systems, making it a must-have for every indoor gardening enthusiast.

    Goes above and beyond

    Packed with nutrition

    • Full-spectrum macro-nutrients  Nitrogen, potassium, phosphate
    • Organically bonded trace minerals  Boron, magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc...
    • Biological compounds  Botanical seal kelp and ionized phyto-nutrients

    Delivers the goods

    Compact powerhouse

    • Concentrated Formula:  Pure potency, no dilution.
    • Dry Blend:  Zero water weight.
    • Economical:  More value, treats over 22 gallons.

    Safe. Gentle. Effective

    Made for constant use

    • Safe for constant feeding
    • Won't burn

    Versatile enough to be used both as a foliar spray, root drench, or hydroponic propagations, providing flexible and effective nutrition.

    • Add to water

      2 scoops (2 tsp) per gallon.

    • Water your plant

      Every 7-14 days during growth season

    • Get that growth

      You've never seen a thriving plant like this before!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ask us anything about Big Green Leaves™

    How often should I fertilize with Big Green Leaves™?

    For best results, use Big Green Leaves™ every time you water during the growth season, and once per month during winters. In warmer climates, and if given supplemental light, you can use every time you water your plants.

    How do I know if my houseplants need fertilizer?

    All plants need fertilizer, particularly if they've been in the same soil for more than 6 months, as soil nutrients deplete over time. Signs that your plant may need fertilizer include slow growth during the growing season, yellowing leaves (especially if the veins remain green), a lack of new foliage, or a general decline in health. Regular fertilization with Big Green Leaves™ is key to replenishing essential nutrients and maintaining plant health.

    Can I use Big Green Leaves on my cactus?

    Yes, but... Cacti typically require a lower-nitrogen fertilizer with a ratio that better suits their low-nutrient needs, such as a fertilizer formulated specifically for cacti and succulents. That said, Big Green Leaves™ won't hurt your cactus, but it may make them leggy.

    How does Big Green Leaves™ compare to liquid, tablets, or slow release fertilizers?

    Big Green Leaves™ sets a new standard in plant nutrition. Unlike liquid fertilizers, which often contain excess water and are prone to contamination, Big Green Leaves™ ensures a pure and stable nutrient delivery for many months. In contrast to slow-release fertilizers that may provide uneven nutrition or be hazardous to pets and children, our product maintains a gentle, steady supply of essential nutrients. Furthermore, tablet fertilizers typically fall short in active ingredient content. Our product stands out with its exclusive blend of nutrients, not found in any other product.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    It arrived damaged, I messaged them and they answered right away with a new one , Top tier service

    I dig it!

    So I’ve been using it for a little over two months now and have to say I am really liking it. Plants never showed signs of disliking it either. I’ll be using it for the long run.

    Megan Childs
    Game changer!!

    This stuff literally works magic! My houseplants have never looked better - leaves look fabulous, they're growing like mad & everything seems so healthy! Would definitely recommend & will absolutely be restocking!

    So excited to hear this! Thank you so much for trusting us with your leafy babies and for your feedback!

    Rose Thornhill

    I justlove this product. My plants are lusher, greener, BIGGER! I'm about to reorder right now! Thank you💕

    Amanda Jett
    It was a gift for my best friend

    I don't know much about plants. I just do whatever she tells me I need to do. Now her house looks like a jungle. She said it's amazing.

    • "The fertilizer I added to the water is from@ohblessyoursoil. I’ve been using this for months now and I love it. And so do my plants." Source: @lalasjungle

    • "This is like GOLD for the plants. Every time I fertilize with this I always get a new leaf." Source: @thatplantguy_ty

    • "Officially on my third bag of big green leaves by @ohblessyoursoil!! ... This one has made me a believer. i give soo much credit to this fertilizer for how my plants look today." Source: @thehouseplantjunkie

    Guaranteed Delight

    Use our plant foods for 90 days. If your plants aren't totally thriving, just let us know... we'll refund your purchase. Hassle free.

    Quality Matters

    Bless Your Soil® plant foods are rigorously tested and made from the finest ingredients in the USA. Every batch goes above and beyond standard quality.

    Made in California, USA