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We believe... in a world that’s been civilized against nature, we need more plants.

what you feed grows


Bless Your Soil®, a 100% women-owned business in Southern California, sprouted into existence in 2020, fueled by a quest for purposeful work and to inspire you to unleash your green thumb.


To increase the green spaces of the world, one home and garden at a time. 


Nature improves our environment, our mood, our quality of life. Yes, the world needs more plants and sustainable ways to care for them.

Here's how it started...

After spending years delving into the world of natural pet nutrition, I had a revelation: the secret to excellent health lies in providing the right diet and nurturing a healthy microbiome. As my love for plants and gardening grew, I couldn't help but apply this philosophy to them as well.

However, I soon found myself using multiple products, trying to achieve an all-encompassing effect on their well-being. It became a complex and burdensome process. That's when I made up my mind to refine my ideas and collaborate with top experts across the country. Together, we set out to develop plant nutrition and wellness products that are simple, effective, and hassle-free.

Bless Your Soil Founder

The result is a line of hybrid plant care products which are inspired by nature and perfected by science.

My easy-to-use plant nutrition blends are unique formulas that effectively address the whole health of your plants from soil, to stem, to leaf. With regular use, our plants grow more abundantly, more beautiful, and more resilient. And, unlike other products, Bless Your Soil® will never build-up or create a toxic environment for your plants with long-term use.

So, whether you're a newbie or a full-fledged plant nerd, I invite you to join me in cultivating more green spaces in the home and out!

xoxo Heidi
Heidi Bohórquez


bless your soil  FOUNDER/CEO - Bless Your Soil®