About Bless Your Soil®

Bless Your Soil® is a 100% women-owned business in Southern California. We sprouted into existence in 2020, fueled by a quest for purposeful work and to inspire others to find their inner green thumb-ness.

We believe... in a world that’s been civilized against nature, we need more plants.

We're on a mission to increase the green spaces of the world one home and garden at a time.


At the heart of our company lies a commitment to knowledge-sharing, community-building, sacred plant wellness, and delight. These values are the soil from which our brand grows, shaping every product and interaction. We embrace the wisdom of nature and the insights of science to foster a nurturing environment for plant parents and their leafy loved ones.

Our aim is to be helpful and welcoming, while using wisdom so that everyone, from the seasoned enthusiast to the curious newbie, feels part of our vibrant community.

By prioritizing these core principles, we cultivate not just plants, but a deep, meaningful connection with our customers, encouraging a flourishing community rooted in the joy and enrichment that come from being in tune with the natural world.


"Nature improves our environment, our mood, our quality of life. Yes, the world needs more plants and simple, sustainable ways to care for them."

Bless Your Soil Founder

Here's how it started...

From my early days navigating the intricate worlds of pet and human nutrition, I unearthed a simple truth that reshaped my outlook on health: the key to vibrant well-being lies in the right diet and a flourishing microbiome. This revelation wasn't just about us or our furry friends—it extended to my growing passion for plants and gardening. I saw my green companions not just as decorations, but as living entities craving the same foundational care.

Yet, my quest for their holistic health soon turned into a labyrinth of products, each promising a slice of the solution. This pursuit, though well-intentioned, morphed into a complex chore, far from the joyful gardening I yearned for. It was this frustration that sparked a lightbulb moment—why not distill this complexity into something simple, yet profoundly effective?

Driven by this mission, I joined forces with leading experts nationwide, aiming to craft plant nutrition and wellness solutions that stood out in their simplicity and efficacy. Our collaboration blossomed into Bless Your Soil®—a testament to our dedication to marrying the best of nature with scientific precision.

At the heart of our creation lies a suite of hybrid plant care essentials. These aren't just products; they're a revolution in how we approach plant health. Our unique, easy-to-use formulas cater to every aspect of plant wellness, ensuring that from root to tip, your plants not only survive but thrive. More lush, more resilient, more spectacular—without the worry of harmful build-ups or toxic aftereffects.

So, whether you're taking your first steps into the world of plant parenting or you're a seasoned green thumb, I warmly invite you to embark on this journey with us. Let's nurture more than plants; let's cultivate a movement towards greener, happier spaces, one pot at a time.

With heartfelt gratitude and greenest wishes,

xoxo Heidi
Heidi Bohórquez


bless your soil  FOUNDER & QUEEN BEE
Bless Your Soil®