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More product details:

Simply put, all BYS ingredients go ABOVE AND BEYOND regular plant fertilizers, and are included to:

  • Increase plant health
  • Improve resistance to disease.
  • Boost foliage and crop production
  • Spark joy

Read more about our formulas here.

Nerdy details for plant geeks:


  • What is it?
    Sea kelp (aka seaweed extract) is a premium bio-nutrient. We call it a "boost of health".
  • What does it do?
    Sea kelp feeds soil microbes.
    Sea kelp is known to accelerate and promote good health and plant growth.
  • What are the results?
    - Houseplants may become more resistant to soil issues.
    - Many fruits may become sweeter.
    - Veggies may be less prone to softening and often grow larger!
    - Increases flower production
    - Increases overall plant resilience to disease
    - Cut flowers stay fresh longer
    - Encourages healthy root growth


  • Yucca Extract may increase your plant's ability to uptake nutrients
  • Yucca extract increases soil ability to hold water.
  • Yucca extract may help resist soil pathogens.
  • Yucca extract may help with stress resistance.


  • Increase the availability of nutrients.
  • Prevent mineral nutrients from forming insoluble precipitates.
  • Reduce toxicity of some metal ions to plants.
  • Prevent nutrients from leaching.
  • Increase the mobility of plant nutrients.
  • Suppress the growth of plant pathogens.