Bless Your Soil® : Better Plant Products

Bless Your Soil® : Better Plant Products

What makes Bless Your Soil® plant foods so great?

Simply put, Bless Your Soil® ingredients go above and beyond typical fertilizers. Our formulas are packed with powerful bio-nutrients that are rarely included in typical plant products—plus, our organically-bonded minerals make our fertilizers the most compatible, most sustainable way to feed your plants and keep them healthy for the long term.

Bless Your Soil™ fertilizers are made to:

  1. Increase plant health
  2. Boost plant immunity to disease and soil issues
  3. Encourage abundant and vigorous growth
  4. Spark joy

Bless Your Soil® makes natural, water soluble, no-brainer plant foods. Our formulas are naturally-derived, mineral based, and balanced to deliver nutrients and trace elements, plus a little extra to give your soil that “just-been-blessed” quality.

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Top Features:

  • Highest purity technical grade plant foods
  • Best range of compatibility
  • Safe and effective for long-term use

Our formulas contain no chlorides, no carbonates, no harmful preservatives, and no sodium.

We include special plant goodies like yucca extract and botanical sea kelp which feed soil microbes, enhance nutrient uptake, and promote even soil hydration. 

Let's face it—there's a lot of complicated chemistry involved with fertilizing your plants. You can trust we've done all the thinking, so you can just water your plants and relax!

Unlike other fertilizers, our organically bonded minerals are guaranteed to NEVER build up in soil, or react with companion minerals, water, or air. It's true, our formulas have the broadest range of compatibility. Further, because of our superior chemical stability, changes in water hardness, pH, or temperature will not adversely affect our ingredients. 

Whether you’re a plant parent indoors or outdoors, a vegetable gardener, flower gardener, hydroponic gardener, or a green-thumb-in-the-making gardener, we make feeding your plants easy and rewarding.

Complete Plant Foods

Bless Your Soil’s® special formulas are tested for harmful chlorides and heavy metals to ensure you get the highest quality product. Further, our specialized organic compounds prevent mineral nutrients from forming insoluble precipitates

Foliar and Soil Wellness Sprays:

Did you know that you can protect against so many common plant ailments and infestations without chemicals? Our organic Big Leaf Energy® sprays and concentrates are multifunctional and smell great. 

We took the power of cold-pressed, organic neem oil and combined it with consciously selected essential oils to bring you the very best in leaf, stem, and soil care. Rest easy knowing these products are non-toxic (safe for animals and children) and cast a wonderful aroma around your precious plants.

Basics of plant nutrition:

Nitrogen: This essential nutrient is important for the growth of stems and foliage.

Phosphorus: In the right balance, phosphorus stimulates the roots and initiates plant flowering.

Potassium: Important for quality, healthy soil, “potash” is responsible for vibrant leaf and flower color, as well as supporting your plants immunity to cold, drought, disease, and parasites.

Magnesium: Your plants need magnesium to make chlorophyll and to properly absorb phosphorus and engage in photosynthesis.

Boron: It may sounds boring, but this nutrient is a critical element for all soils supporting plant growth.

Calcium: Our chelated calcium is many times more efficient than calcium nitrate, and won’t react to form gypsum.

Trace minerals (micronutrients): We supply key chelated micronutrients that your plants will find easier to use. Our chelates (copper, iron, manganese, and zinc) round out your plant’s balanced diet for a hardier specimen.

Yucca extract: This amazing nutrient will help draw in and distribute moisture to give your soil that “just-been-blessed” quality. Yucca extract is the multi-functioning companion for plant parents who need a little forgiveness for irregular watering and helps keep roots healthy, too!

Botanical Sea Kelp: The magic dust of Bless Your Soil® comes in the form of our organic sea kelp. We call it “a dose of health” for every time you water.

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