What's Better Than Neem Oil for Plants?

What's Better Than Neem Oil for Plants?

Do you love the benefits of neem oil but dread using it on your plants because the smell makes your nose hairs curl? Don't worry, you're not alone. While neem oil is a great biopesticide, fungicide, wellness and shine product for plants, it's not so great for your nostrils. Because of this, you may be looking for an alternative to neem oil. "But does such an organic neem oil substitute exist," you ask?  Fret not, green-thumbed friends, because Big Leaf Energy® is about to revolutionize your plant care routine. This organic plant spray is the perfect alternative to traditional neem oil, providing even better results without the unpleasant aroma.

best neem oil

Big Leaf Energy® is the perfect alternative to traditional neem oil, providing even better results without the unpleasant aroma—plus it's organic.

Say goodbye to the stinky neem oil and hello to this biological, aromatic treatment that will leave your plants looking and feeling their best. Consider it the organic A-list treatment for your foliage, and in this article, we'll spill all the tea on how to use it safely and effectively on your beloved fiddle leaf fig and other houseplants.

What is Big Leaf Energy® and how is it better than plain neem oil?

Big Leaf Energy® is not just your average plant spray—it's a game-changing substitute for pure neem oil. This organic solution is made from a special blend of neem oil, vegetable extracts, and essential oils. And let's be real, the essential oils not only make it more effective, but leave your plants smelling like they just stepped out of a spa. It's like a multi-tasking superhero, taking on pests and pathogens with ease, without any of those harsh chemical additives. Plus, it's the perfect way to give your plants the immunity boost they need to stay strong and healthy.

Use Big Leaf Energy® to build a strong defense system for your all your plants, indoor and outdoor.

This unique blend of organic ingredients contains a variety of compounds that help to build a strong defense system for your all your plants, indoor and outdoor. The best part is that this formula is completely biodegradable, and leaves no toxic residue, making it a human/animal safe* and eco-friendly option for your gardening needs.

big leaf energy
Big Leaf Energy® is an organic treatment that's a staple in any plant owner's arsenal
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The Benefits

1. BioInsecticide

The star player in Big Leaf Energy® is the ultimate home-wrecker for pesky insects. Azadirachtin, an organic compound, throws off insects' hormones like a bad breakup and disrupts their entire life cycle. It's like hitting the pause button on their ability to eat and reproduce. While it won't make insects drop dead like bug spray, it interacts with their exoskeletons and hormone systems in a way that renders them pretty much dead—and soon enough, they actually do die. Big Leaf Energy® is like strategic warfare against the bugs, disrupting new generations of insects as they hatch, one spritz at a time.

2. BioFungicide 

Did you know that Big Leaf Energy® isn't just an insect remedy? Nope, it's also a kickbutt fungicide that can protect your houseplants from all sorts of nasty soil and root diseases, even powdery mildew and root rot. You can use it on leaves, stems and soil to keep fungus villains at bay.

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The proprietary blend of consciously-selected essential oils are like the Avengers of the plant world. They each have their own special powers that can help keep your green babies healthy and thriving. One is like the Hulk, with its anti-fungal and insecticidal properties. One oil is like Captain America, taking down bacteria and fungi left and right. Another is like Black Widow, stealthily repelling pests before they even know what hit them. And the last oil is like Thor, wielding its insecticidal powers against the most formidable of foes. But hold your horses, folks.

3. BioDirticide

Ok, so "dirticide" isn't a word, but the point is that Big Leaf Energy® is an excellent choice for dirty leaves, especially for the ever-so-popular, big fiddle leaf fig leaves and monstera leaves. When it comes to removing hard water spots, dirt, and revealing a truly natural leaf shine, Big Leaf Energy® is the way to go.

4. BioStinkicide

I know, I know. The last thing you want is to spray a product that makes your nostrils recoil in disgust. Well, fear not! Big Leaf Energy® is not only powerful enough to handle your garden's toughest challenges, but it also leaves a delightful fragrance that will make your indoor plants feel like they're in a spa. And if you're an organic enthusiast, this plant spray is right up your alley.

How to Use Big Leaf Energy® Spray

General Maintenance

If you want your plant to be bulletproof, then shake the bottle of Big Leaf Energy® like your favorite cocktail and spray it generously on the leaves and soils. For indoor plants, give it a few minutes to soak in, and then gently wipe off the excess. This way, you'll be giving your green buddy a leafy suit of armor that will protect it from pests and diseases. Reapplication is the key, so make sure to spray it again every 2-4 weeks to maintain your plant's invincibility.

spray leaves
Spray both tops and bottoms of leaves and even the soil for good measure against soil pathogens.

Test-and-Wait Method: To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it's always a good idea to do a compatibility test before drenching your precious plants with any new spray. Start by spraying a small area or leaf of the plant you're unsure about and wait for 24-48 hours to see if there are any dverse reactions. Some plants can be a bit sensitive, so better safe than sorry!

Root Remediation

When your plant is root bound, or watered too often, there is a high likelihood that the roots will incur damage or rot. In this case, you'll need to remove the plant from the pot and inspect the roots. Roots that are bound up or squishy will need some TLC.

For root rot specifically, remove the soil and damaged roots first (the squishy black ones). Apply Big Leaf Energy® directly to the roots, or dip them in the solution. The oils work to inhibit the growth of the fungus that causes root rot, allowing the plant to recover and grow healthy roots again. Use Big Leaf Energy® as a soil drench or soil spray once a month at watering time to keep harmful bacteria and fungi at bay. With its powerful anti-microbial properties and ability to control insects, it's a natural and effective solution for a range of soil and plant issues.

root rot big leaf energy
Big Leaf Energy® is an excellent tool for preventing and remediating root and soil problems.

When is the best time to use Big Leaf Energy®?

We recommend using Big Leaf Energy® in the evening or late afternoon. Avoid applying it in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest and brightest, as it may make the leaves susceptible to scorching. 

Which plants should NOT be treated with Big Leaf Energy®?

We're fairly certain that you shouldn't spray Big Leaf Energy® on roses, blooms, buds, delicate ferns, calathea, and most succulents (however, it is beneficial for the soils of these plants). If unsure, do the test-and-wait method mentioned above.

Cautions. Alerts. Warnings...

While the ingredients in Big Leaf Energy® are safe and organic, keep in mind that essential oils may cause skin irritation for sensitive individuals. So, avoid getting the spray directly on your skin or eyes. Further, while it's safe for bees and beneficial insects after the liquid is on the plant, you should avoid spraying it directly on them—it's just not nice.

Additionally, because of the essential oils, refrain from spraying this product on your pets or in close proximity to their food or water bowls. In the event of any accidental spills on the floor, it is advisable to promptly clean them up to prevent your pets from tracking it with their paws. 

Refill. Reuse. Repeat.

Refill your spray bottle with the 4oz Big Leaf Energy concentrate and get up to 18 full-strength refills or a whopping 36 refills at weaker strengths! Crunch the numbers, and you'll see that you'll save on everything, from money and plastic to glass and time. So, use the concentrate for refill and keep your plants protected without breaking the bank or the environment.

big leaf energy concentrate
Big Leaf Energy® Concentrate is an excellent way to refill your bottle numerous times while saving money, transport, and waste.

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