Grow a Bigger, Prettier Monstera, Fast!

Grow a Bigger, Prettier Monstera, Fast!

Monstera plants are the houseplant equivalent of a hot celebrity crush – we can't stop obsessing over their lush foliage and dramatic leaves! Monstera is a super easy plant to care for, but you may be wondering how to take its growth to the next level.

Let's face it, we all want bigger and better things, and that includes our monstera plants. So, if you're looking to get bigger, prettier monstera leaves fast, here's the info you need to give your monstera the TLC it deserves!

We've got the inside scoop on the best practices for monstera plant care and getting those big, beautiful leaves you've been dreaming of.

how to grow a bigger monstera

5 Tips for Bigger and Faster Monstera Growth


First things first: fertilizer. Yes, we know it sounds like a boring and mundane task, but trust us, it's the key to unlocking your monstera's full potential. And if you're going to go all in, then you might as well use the best of the best – Big Green Leaves™ fertilizer. This stuff is like spinach to Popeye or a good cup of coffee in the morning – it gives your monstera the energy boost it needs to grow those big, beautiful leaves.

Big monstera leaves take energy to grow. Big Green Leaves™ is a specialty hybrid plant food that will power up growth in an awesome way.

Fertilizing is really simple. Just mix two teaspoons per gallon of water, and use it to water your monstera twice a month. It's like a delicious and nutritious smoothie for your plant!

best monstera fertilizer
Big Green Leaves™ is the magic sauce to power up healthy monstera leaf growth.


Now, let's talk about light. Monstera plants thrive in bright, indirect light, but surprisingly, they're not fans of the spotlight (too much direct sunlight can scorch those delicate leaves). So, find a nice spot for your monstera to bask in, but make sure it's not too intense. Think of it like a beach vacation – you want to soak up the sun, but not get sunburnt!

Monstera can tolerate lower light conditions, but thrives in locations with brighter, indirect lighting.


Another important factor in monstera plant care is humidity. These plants are used to the rainforest, so they love a good misting or humidifier—this also makes them great for bathrooms that have access to good lighting. If you want to give your monstera that spa treatment, invest in a humidifier or mist it regularly to keep it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It's like a little slice of the Amazon rainforest in your living room!

monstera humidity conditions
Monstera are perfect for bathrooms with ample lighting as they love humid conditions.


Don't forget to water your monstera plant regularly (but not too much – no one likes a soggy plant). Stick your finger into the soil and if it feels dry an inch or so down, it's time to water. In fact, you'll want to wait to water until approximately the top 30% of the soil feels dry. Additionally, make sure your pot has drainage for the excess water to escape. The important of letting the water drain out of your plants is a non-negotiable, and the monstera is no exception.


Those big, beautiful monstera leaves love to collect dust. Remember, that enough dust will prevent your plant from perform its photosynthesizing duties. So, keep it clean. Cleaning your monstera brings the added opportunity of checking for pests. Check under leaves and stem joints for signs of pests, this is where they like to hide.

clean monstera leaves
Big Leaf Energy® serves the dual purpose of cleaning your monstera leaves and helping them stay pest free.

Combine the cleaning and inspecting work easily by using Big Leaf Energy®. For best results, sweep off the dusty layer with a feather duster. Then, shake the bottle well and spray all over the tops and bottoms of leaves. Let the liquid sit on the leaves for a few minutes then gently wipe off with microfiber gloves or a soft towel. Remember, "gentle" is the keyword. She'll look shiny and pest free right away.

Trim, Prune, Snip

iI's important to prune or cut off smaller, lower leaves on your monstera that aren't receiving enough light. Think of it as editing the plant's wardrobe to make room for the showstoppers—the big, lush leaves that steal the spotlight. By selectively removing these overshadowed leaves, you're giving your monstera a chance to shine and grow into the botanical fashion icon it was destined to be.

But don't go overboard! We don't want to stress out our leafy fashionista by removing too much at once. Striking the right balance is key—maintain a healthy number of leaves to keep your Monstera thriving while ensuring it looks fabulous So grab those pruning shears and unleash your inner Coco Monstera—your plant's personal style makeover awaits!

natural shine spray for monstera

So there you have it – the best practices for monstera plant care and getting those big, beautiful leaves. With a little bit of nutrition, a lot of love, and some good old-fashioned TLC, your monstera will be the envy of all your houseplants.

Now go forth and let your monstera shine!

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