Gift Guide for the Plant Lover in Your Life

10 Thoughtful, Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Plant Lovers in Your Life

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With Christmas right around the corner, we’re all on the hunt for thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Something a bit more than a pair of socks & gift card. 

Putting in extra effort in gift-giving for someone you love lets them know that you listen to their interests & care enough to go above and beyond.

In today’s market there are many sustainable, niche plant-related gifts that any plant enthusiast will love. Get one of these gifts for your plant-lovin’ loved one & watch as their face lights up upon opening. 

It’s time for you to reign supreme as the best gift-giver this holiday season. Peep our curated gift guide to go that extra mile for the plant lover in your life:  

10 Gifts for the Plant Lovers in Your Life

What topped our list as the most eco-friendly, thoughtful plant plant-related gifts of 2023?

Gift guide for plant lover in your life

(Photo by Johnny’s Selected Seeds)

1. Biodegradable Plant Pots

Biodegradable plant pots are a great alternative to plastic pots & work best for outdoor plants. 

Check out Etsy’s collection for affordable biodegradable plant pots while simultaneously helping out small businesses! Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own. 

Gift guide for plant lover in your life

(Photo by Fruitsuper shop )

2. Beautiful Plant Props

If your loved one is all about aesthetics, try buying them these stunning plant props to spice up an average houseplant.  

With these plant sticks, you can be creative and mold your plants into a piece of art in your home. Once you get bored of one design, you can create another. This gift is great for a creative plant lover who’s into interior design. 

Gift guide for plant lover in your life

3. Sustainable Fertilizer

Check out our Bless Your Soil® fertilizer, a sustainable & long-lasting product curated especially for healthy roots to bring your plants back to life.

To get a lil technical, our Big Green Leaves™  fertilizer combines organic minerals with bioactive compounds to better nourish the soil microbiome in your favorite houseplants, stimulating mega growth & sprouting. 

If your loved one is constantly complaining about their plants dying, or looking ‘eh,’ then gift them our sustainable fertilizer and watch as their plants reawaken. 

gift guide for the plant lover in your life

(Photo by Sabu-Sabu)

4. Beeswax Wrap for Seed Storage

As an alternative to plastic wrap or aluminum foil, try sustainable beeswax wrap for useful seed storage. It’s made from beeswax & fabric, and is totally reusable on food storage and seed storage. How cool is that? 

You can make it homemade, or buy it from small businesses like this one. 

gift guide for plant lovers

(Photo by MyLittleBelville) 

5. Bamboo Gardening Gloves

If you have no idea what type of gift your plant-obsessed loved one will like, these bamboo gardening gloves on Etsy are a safe bet. 

There are tons of cute glove designs, and you can feel better about choosing the more sustainable option for gardening accessories!

Gift guide for plant lover in your life

(Photo by Temu Garden)

6. Solar-Powered Garden Lights

Harness the power of the sun for an aesthetic accessory to liven up your garden. Check out  Etsy’s options for custom-made, unique, and sustainable solar-powered garden lights.

I swear lighting makes all the difference in decorating a space. And this option means that you can use Mother Nature to help power your dreamy outdoor garden.

big leaf energy bless your soil

7. Organic Plant Wellness Shine Spray

Big Leaf Energy® is an organic leaf cleaning and soil treatment meant to reveal a natural leaf shine and wonderful spiced, citrus smell on your beloved plants. 

People love this stuff because it makes plants have an instant glow up! Your leaves will be shinier, your house will smell better, and most importantly it protects and strengthens the plant you use it on. 

gift guide for plant lover in your life

(Photo by the Conscious Gardener) 

8. Organic Herbal Tea Plant Kit

Does your plant-lover also love tea? If so, an organic herbal tea plant kit is the perfect combination of both interests.

With this gift, you can literally grow your own herbal tea ingredients! A doubly thoughtful gift that will make holiday tea time even cozier. 

Gift guide for plant lover in your life

(Photo by MOMA design store)

9. Avocado Vase

Growing avocados is even more fun with a beautiful  avocado vase! 

From seedling to fully grown, the vase supports the pit while growing into a beautiful design you can manage every day.

If your loved one is into design or loves avocados (or both), then this gift is the perfect fit!

 Plant parent kit bless your soil

10. Plant Parent Kit

If you really want to pull out the big guns for your loved one, consider the Plant Parent Kit that includes allll this: 

It’s a thoughtful bundle for that one person in your life who won’t shut up about plants. If you give them this goodie set, you’ll be loved forever! 

Wrapping It Up 

As we wrap up this gift guide, consider buying one of the above items. Doing so will show your thoughtfulness and commitment to the environment, and I am positive that your loved one will adore their new plant accessory!

Happy Holidays! xx 

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