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Trigger Sprayer

Trigger Sprayer

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Did you know that we will replace your spray head for the life of your product? Sometimes these components get damaged in shipping, and sometimes they just break due to overzealous plant parenting. Either way, just add one of these to your cart and checkout for free.

Note: We do require a prior order for these, so if you don't have an account with us, kindly send us your Amazon order ID, or original order ID from this website. 

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Quality Matters

Bless Your Soil™ plant foods are environmentally friendly and mineral-based with no chlorides, no carbonates, and no sodium. Every batch is third party tested for purity and efficacy.

Made in California, USA

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Happiness Guarantee.

Use our plant foods for 90 days. If your plants aren't totally thriving, just let us know... we'll refund your purchase. Hassle free.