Big Leaf Energy® Instructions

Read before use!

big leaf energy concentrate

Big Leaf Energy® Concentrate

Directions: Shake bottle very well. Add Big Leaf Energy® concentrate to water (distilled recommended) according to the chart below. The inserted dropper includes unit lines on the pipette for easy measuring. 

ALERT!  Never use undiluted

Note: The range provided below will vary based on your preferred solution strength. Distilled water is always recommended since tap water may leave hard water spots on leaves. To use as a refill to your Big Leaf Energy® spray bottle, use the 16 oz option.

Amount of Big Leaf Energy™ concentrate  Amount of Water
3 ml to 6 ml
(3 to 6 full droppers)
16 oz (500ml)
6 ml to 12 ml
(approx. 1½ to 2½ tsp)
1 Liter
25 ml to 50 ml
(approx. 1½ to 3 TBL)
1 Gallon


Big Leaf Energy® sprays

Directions: Shake bottle very well before each use. Spray on leaves, stems, and soil as regular plant maintenance. Allow liquid to sit on leaves, or wait 3-5 minutes prior to gently wiping off to reveal natural shine. 

Note: Do not spray on plants while in direct sunlight or extreme heat. Store in a cool place.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Organic cold-pressed neem oil, organic vegan soap, Super Blessed™ essential oil blend.