What to Plant in February: Zones 7-10

What to Plant in February: Zones 7-10

February is the perfect time for gardeners living in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7-10 to start getting their hands dirty. With the days getting longer and warmer in the Southern regions of the United States, it’s time to bless your soil with some delicious goodies that will reward you with a bounty of fruits and veggies come summer! Let’s dive into what you can plant this month so you can enjoy a feast of delicious homegrown produce.

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Let's Start with Fruits & Veggies

Vegetables like lettuce, kale, spinach, mustard greens, radishes, carrots and turnips can all be planted during February in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7-10. You’ll also have success planting peas and broccoli if you get the seedlings started indoors a few weeks before transplanting them outdoors. For fruits, strawberries are always a popular choice but don’t forget about blueberries as well—they both thrive in colder climates and will reward you with juicy treats when summer rolls around.

beets and lettuce gardening

Herbs & Spices Too!

Herbs are an essential part of any vegetable garden and they happen to be quite easy to grow. If you live anywhere between zone 7-10 then herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, chives, sage and mint should all do very well. Plant them at least one foot apart from each other (both horizontally and vertically) so they have plenty of room for growth—and don’t forget about planting some flowers too! Marigolds help keep pests away from your vegetables while adding pops of color to your garden. Plus they smell great too!

herbs seedlings
Get your herbs going indoors so they're ready to transplant outside come spring.

Get Your Containers & Trellises Set

If you don’t have access to an actual garden plot then don’t worry—you can still have success growing fruits & veggies in containers or even hanging baskets if space is limited. Just make sure that whatever container or basket you use has drainage holes so excess water doesn’t accumulate at the bottom. If you plan on growing cucumbers or melons then think about investing in a trellis since these types of plants need something sturdy for climbing support as they grow larger throughout the season.

Don't Forget to Fertilize

February is here which means its the perfect time to start your seedlings off right with a good helping of Grow Goodies universal plant superfood! Grow Goodies is a complete nutrient blend plus organic, botanical sea kelp and yucca extract to prime your soil for abundant growth in the season ahead.

universal all purpose plant food

Whether it's fruits & veggies or herbs & spices that tickle your fancy there are plenty of options available for gardeners living in Plant Hardiness Zones 7-10 this month.

Don't forget about containers or trellises either; these items will help ensure your backyard bounty reaches its full potential come summertime! So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and start planting already!

And, remember, what you feed grows!

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